WNL Training Academy belongs to Word and Life Network, a very large Network of Churches in South Africa. The leader of this Network is Pastor Ronnie Barnard. Pastor Barnard started a non-geographical network in 2003 with the approval of the leadership of the AFM of South Africa (www.wnlnetwork.com).

From the very start this network functioned as a corporate body for churches across church denominations, multi-cultural and multi-generational barriers.  This network started with 15 churches and represents more than 1000 local community-based Christian Churches in South Africa. The anchor Church is Word and Life Church in Boksburg with a membership of 17 000 members situated on the corner of Trichardt’s Rd and Kingfisher Ave, Sunward Park, Boksburg (www.woordenlewe.com).

The network has a strong leadership structure all over South Africa and Africa. In 2017 the Word and Life Network and the Judea Harvest Assemblies amalgamated. Judea Harvest has developed a network of more than 10 000 Pastors. These leaders participate in our many ministry programs such as the tent churches, snap church building programs, ECD centres and Training programs.

WNL Network Training Academy is the newly registered article 21a NPC company that function on behalf and as part of Word and Life Network with the specific focus of become the formal Training centre or company of the Network.

The Network already did train many pastors on an informal basis which also include continuous development programs. The urgent need arises now for formal accredited skills develop programs that can establish and strengthen the professional ability of the leaders/pastors.